Domestic Adoption Services

Whether you are considering Adopting a child who is a relative or working with an adoption agency to find your child, or trying to decide between open and closed adoption, our experienced legal team will guide you through the adoption process. Our goal is to help families become stable and remain intact.

International Adoption Services

International adoption is a challenging journey which requires families to follow international treaties, complex laws and rigid procedures.  We are here to help you every step of the way.  For two decades, our office has helped families adopt from over 30 countries.

Today 85 countries have ratified the Hague Convention on the Protection of Children and Cooperation with Respect to Intercountry Adoptions (convention xxxiii).  The Council on Accreditation has certified Steffas & Associates, P.C. as an approved is an Approved Person that is for-profit for both Incoming and Outgoing adoptions.  As an Approved Person, we can assist families with their Hague adoptions and US citizenship for their children.

Estate Planning

After your adoption is complete you may want to start thinking about estate planning and making sure you take all the right steps to providing for your new dependents. The attorneys at Steffas & Associates, P.C. can assist you in drafting wills, general power of attorneys and health directives that will be geared to your specific needs and wishes for your family’s future.

Have you given any thought to how you are going to pay for your adoption costs? Adoption costs involve professional services from agencies and social workers, background clearances, travel, birth mother costs and other expenses. Our adoption finance coach has years of experience helping people plan so they are not stopped by financial obstacles…Learn more