Georgia’s Safe Haven Law

March 22, 2016 – in the News – CBS channel 46

Yesterday, CBS, Channel 46 of Atlanta called to ask me about Georgia’s Safe Haven Law. I was on the 11 o’clock evening news for about a minute.

Does anyone know about Georgia’s Safe Haven Law? Obviously, not enough young people do. Last weekend a young woman delivered a baby: a few hours later, she took the baby to a dentist’s office and then her friend called 911. She wanted her baby to be found; she wanted her baby to be safe. This birth mother was young, scared and desperate. She did not know where to turn. I think, she tried to comply with Georgia’s Safe Haven Law.

Where is the outreach to young women in such situations? Where were the licensed, child-placing agencies and adoption attorneys of Georgia? Had a good professional been contacted, the baby could have gone into interim care and this young woman would have had the time to sort things out. She could have had time, privacy and good medical care for herself and the baby.

Good adoption attorneys listen and provide options. An adoption attorney could have helped this young lady comply with Georgia’s Safe Haven Law. Talking to an adoption professional does not obligate a woman to make an adoption plan. Seeking legal help can help a desperate see that she had choices over her life and the life of her child. Outreach to young women in Georgia has failed! #It’s not just another case, it’s the life of a child.